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Suggestion for Vocabulary Release Notes

I suggest the vocabulary release notes contain changes for when a non-standard concept_id maps to a new vocabulary, so we can be sure to download the new vocabulary from Athena. Currently, the release notes only contain domain changes.

concept_id = 46257533 in the CPT4 vocabulary now Maps to concept_id = 35945494 in the OMOP Genomic vocabulary. We don’t have the OMOP Genomic vocabulary in our CDM, therefore, we need to download it from Athena, so concept_id = 46257533 will map to 35945494 instead of 0. If the release notes notified vocabulary users of this change, then we could add this to our list of Vocabularies to download from Athena before we update our ETL


Thank you for the suggestion, @MPhilofsky

Totally agree.

We are working on implementation and will try to include it in the upcoming release notes.

Linking Github issue: https://github.com/OHDSI/Vocabulary-v5.0/issues/691

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Just to keep it here for the future:
It has been included in the most recent May Release, starting now, you can find it under ‘New vocabulary dependencies’ in release notes


That is great! I would vote for maybe something more: When creating the vocabulary download bundle, could Athena check if the user has selected a set of vocabularies that is missing standard targets (Maps to relationships have no target in the bundle) and add a warning to the download email? Other relationships missing their target is probably less of a problem.

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