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Subgroups in Poupulation-Level Estimation (PLE) studies

Hi all,

We are trying to run a PLE study that would require a sensitivity analysis in a number of population subgroups.
The SkeletonComparativeEffectStudy github doesn’t include any files on how to do subgroups.

However, there are a couple studies that have included subgroup analysis such as RanitideCancerRisk and TicagrelorVsClopidogrel.

Can you advise us on how to do that in terms of what R,SQL and/or shiny files we need to have in the R package?

Thank you
George Argyriou

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I think these are the commits I used to implement subgroup analysis in PLE:
commit 1
commit 2
commit 3

Please let me know if you have further question :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Chan, I’ll have a look.