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Study on readmission rates and complications after COVID-19 hospitalisation

(Carlos Areia) #1

Hi everyone

Apologies as I am new in this forum, not sure if this is the appropriate way to post this.

Do you know if this it is possible to study readmission and complication rates of COVID-19 discharged patients?

Also interesting would be to study complications and road to recovery of step down ICU patients…

Let me know your thoughts

Many thanks

(Anna) #2

This is a very interesting topic although I don’t know how to answer your question. if going forward, i would love to participate. Anna

(Christian Reich) #3

Friends: Please keep bringing these up. We will open a forum of use cases soon. Please be ready to pitch in, this is a community effort. In particular, be ready to build ATLAS or R packages. Or find friends who can do that for you.

(Carlos Areia) #4

Thank you both for the reply;
Yes I do have some ideas and will pitch them when the use cases forum open.

My current ATLAS / R knowledge is fairly limited and will require some support and guidance.

(Julianna Kohler) #5

@Carlos_Areia, the prediction group is working on who will be readmitted, so it seems like that would be the most natural fit for your question. I don’t recall offhand who’s leading that subgroup, though.

(Christian Reich) #6

That would be @jennareps.

(Carlos Areia) #7

Thank you Julie and Christian, I will drop her a message on teams.


(Gregg Hanold) #8

Are there open source or published collections of the de-identified/limited use data that would support these types of analyses? I would be happy to contribute AI/ML techniques applied to other sciences, but do not have access to supporting data.

(Anna) #9

MEPS or other national level survey data may be an option, but not sure if they are workable for your thought. I am in the traditional data analysis side, such as insurance claim data or EHR…

(Thomas White, MD, MS, MA, CHIE) #10

I second this desire to characterize readmission rates and post-discharge complications of COVID-19 patients. As hospitals come out of the surge, and need to start reporting all-cause 30 day readmission rates to the federal CMS, such information will help educate ourselves and CMS on whether post-discharge COVID patients are similar enough to non-COVID that they should be pooled into the existing quality metrics vs. developing separate metrics.