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Study launch: Evaluating the Iodine-131 exposure effect on the occurrence of secondary cancer in survivors of thyroid cancer

Dear all,

We want to launch the OHDSI network study to evaluate the Iodine-131 exposure effect on the occurrence of secondary cancer in survivors of thyroid cancer.

About Study
There have been studies about the correlation between medical radiation and the incidence of secondary cancer, but it is still not reported clearly. We are interested in I-131 therapy which is one of the treatments for removal of remnant thyroid using medical radiation exposure. From the previous study, which conducted meta-analysis with results from systematic review of literature using two multi center studies(each from Europe and North America), the relative risk of second cancer in thyroid cancer survivors treated with radioactive Iodine treatment has been slightly increased than non-treatment survivors. The incidence of leukemia was significantly increased, but the other cancers which related to prior radioactive Iodine treatment were not observed.
There have been methodological limitations such as a lack of important factors from the patient, a limited extension of study, and statistical heterogeneity of pooled analyses. The real-world evidence of cancer risk in relation with I-131 therapy could be insufficient for these limitations, and it can be resolved using observational health data.

In this study, we will conduct population-level-estimate to generate real-word evidence about the effect of I-131 therapy with the incidence of secondary cancer using observational healthcare databases. Furthermore, we hope to collaborate with OHDSI research network to investigate the effects of “real world” factors on observational studies’ findings.

The study protocol is here, and the github repo is here.

If you have any question or issue about our study, Please let us know.

Thank you.

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Congratulation on the amazing work!

I transferred the original study repo to the OHDSI’s official study repo: https://github.com/ohdsi-studies/HIRC_Thyroid2ndCancer

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I feel like It’s interesting subject.
And I think that hospitals in Korea have a lot of data about it.
By the way, hostipals including my one in Korea are using EDI code about I-131 therapy.
We need some other concept ID like drugs and procedures to define I-131 therapy.

Thank you for your interest in our study.
In this study, we only used a procedure_concept_ID(https://athena.ohdsi.org/search-terms/terms/4036252) to define I-131 therapy.