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Storing measurements of a physiological parameter (e.g. Heart rate) obtained by different methods

In a project we are standardizing data in which we have measurements of a single variable obtained by different methods e.g.:

1)Heart rate, smartwatch measurement
2)Heart rate, measured by medical professional
3)Heart rate, pulse oximeter

How we should proceed we the standardization?

One way could be to store all values (1,2,3) under the same concept.
Another would be to store them under unique concepts, which will have to be added to OMOP vocabularies through community contributions.

Are there any guidelines on this issues? Any widely accepted and applied way to proceed?

We welcome your suggestions and opinions

Thank you,

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difference: We want to have MANY measurements from MANY different devices for each patient. we are looking for the best practice to follow.

I have a similar study using wearables that generate various vitals. My current approach is to use the measurement.measurement_type_concept_id - tagging the HR value/concept with one of the following (haven’t decided yet):

44806134 | Self assessment record
44818704 | Patient reported value

measurement_source_value and value_source_value would contain device information - ex “Oura ring”, “finger oximeter”, or “Kardia6L” device source. In my implementation I’ve greatly expanded the VARCHAR(50) default field type to 1024 characters or greater to store name/value pair information about the source.