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Storing a measurement with a time range in OMOP Measurements


Our team is working on the ICUdata project in the Netherlands (https://www.icudata.nl/ 1). Within ICUdata, we’re in the process of creating ETL pipelines and mapping our data model to OMOP. We’re currently working on populating the Measurements OMOP table and have encountered a strange use case:

  • We’re trying to store a transfusion_volume measurement
  • As this value is retrieved from the MetaVision EHR: it is delivered as a range signal (within a range signal table) and includes both start_timestamp and end_timestamp columns
  • As per the Athena domain standards documentation, transfusion_volume indeed falls within the domain of a Measurement, so this is the right table in which to store the data.
  • However, the OMOP Measurement table does not contain an end_timestamp field

We feel that simply omitting the end_timestamp value would lead to valuable medical information being discarded and would like to avoid this.

Has a situation like this been encountered in the past and, if so, are there any recommendations?

Thanks in advance.

Perhaps volume can go as value to measurement.

To store the procedure of ‘transfusing’ something, you can put another record into procedure table with both start and end time.

If this refers to a blood or blood product transfusion, then these data belong in the Device Exposure table. Blood transfusions are devices. This table has start date and datetime, end date and datetime, and quantity.