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Storage of surveys

Dear OHDSI Community,

I am currently working on a data mapping from Patient-Reported Outcome measurements to OMOP CDM surveys.
What I understood so far is:

  • The general data of survey filled out by patient is stored in the table SURVEY
  • In case of one answer per question, one entry can be saved in the table OBSERVATION storing the question and the answer.
    (I also understand that OBSERVATION or other tables are under discussion: REDCap data to OMOP-CDM)

May question now refers to the field OBSERVATION.observation_concept_id. Here the concept id of the single question should be entered.
I am facing the challenge now, that I have 7 questionaires (in total 150 questions) which all do not appear in the vocabulary tables.
If I understood correctly I would add new entries in the vocabulary with a concept >2B.
I this correct?
If so, are there maybe already tools to create new vocabulary entries?


If these surveys are standard surveys used by many folks and supported by some organization we can bring them in properly. Otherwise, yes, make them 2-Billionaires.

Thank you

Hello @Christian_Reich, could you elaborate on what you mean by ‘make them 2-billionaires’? I understand that this means assign them concept_ids greater than 2B, but could you share some examples and best practices of how you or others have implemented this?


I showcased a poster at the 2020 OHDSI Symposium comparing the two different ways to custom map source values. It can be found here