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Status of the OHDSI phenotype library and associated resources

Hi all, returning to OHDSI after a bit of a hiatus.

I am keen to use the OHDSI community’s expertise to infer phenotypes from my dataset. However, I am confused by the OHDSI Phenotype library’s status.
Looking at Github[0], it hasn’t been updated in 2 years. Is this still the right place for me to obtain the most recent phenotypes? Also, is there an online resource outlining each phenotype available for us to use? I believe that this[1] might be what i’m looking for, but its asking me for an atlas authentication?

[0] https://github.com/OHDSI/PhenotypeLibrary

See this OHDSI wiki page to request access to the OHDSI Phenotype Atlas website:


thank you @admin , I have requested an account. is this the most upto date resource on phenotypes?

@Gowtham_Rao would be the best person to answer that question - you can message him here or add him to your original post

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Hi @Suranga yes atlas-phenotype.ohdsi.org is the most uptodate resource

@Suranga please see OHDSI Phenotype Library announcements

Thank you for the motivation to get this done :slight_smile:

Haha thank you @Gowtham_Rao , i’ll count nudging you as my OHDSI contribution for this week :slight_smile: