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State of the OHDSI Open-Source Community (April 25 Community Call)

Please join us Tuesday, April 26 (11 am ET) for our next OHDSI Community Call, when we will learn about the state of the OHDSI open-source community and get a recap on the first OHDSI DevCon, held April 22. We will also hear about a new opportunity in open-source development that was announced during the State of the Community presentation.

We will hear from the following leaders in our open-source community:

Lee Evans (Owner • LTS Computing LLC)
Martijn Schuemie (Research Fellow, Epidemiology Analytics • Janssen Research and Development)
Paul Nagy (Associate Professor • Johns Hopkins School of Medicine)
Adam Black (Data Sciences • Odysseus Data Services)

Everybody is invited. Calendar invites for our 2022 community calls go out each Friday. If you did not receive one, please use this link to join the meeting. All recordings from these weekly meetings will be posted on both our main OHDSI Teams tenant and on our OHDSI.org Community Calls page.