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Standardizing content in the METADATA table

In conducing a network study, we need to know how how observation periods were constructed at each site. (e.g., for sites not having health plan data).
See related thread here: Observation_Period table - how do you generate this table at your site?

Our export.zip file would simply go to metadata table and grab a verbal description of the observation period construction algorithm

I would like to initiate a discussion how this can be captured.

To seed the discussion:
option A is to use

METADATA.NAME = ‘observation_period_construction_description’
METADATA.VALUE=‘health plan data were used to determine start and end’


METADATA.NAME = ‘observation_period_construction_description’
METADATA.VALUE=‘from first visit for a patient to current date (or death date)’


option B is to
request a new OMOP concept for field METADATA.METADATA_CONCEPT_ID

(metadata table link is https://github.com/OHDSI/CommonDataModel/issues/79 )