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Standard ingredient tretoquinol, fluticasone furoate and bufylline

(Aniek Markus) #1


Does anyone know the corresponding standard ingredient for these 3 ATC codes?

R03AC09 Tretoquinol (is this trimetoquinol hydrochloride hydrate - concept id 35198052?)
R03BA09 Fluticasone furoate (does this fall under fluticasone - concept id 1149380?)
R03DA10 Bufylline



(Oleg Zhuk) #2

Hello, Aniek

  • Pretty sure they are the same drug
  • There is a 19126348 fluticasone furoate Precise Ingredient. The concepts with ‘Precise ingredient’ concept class were specifically designed to cover salts, chelates and other complex substances. These concepts are non-standard and have a ‘Maps to’ relationship to standard active ingredient. In your case proceed with 1149380 fluticasone
  • Are there any market-available drugs with Bufylline? Is it still experimental xanthine?

(Aniek Markus) #3

Thanks Oleg!

I don’t think it is experimental, but I’m not entirely sure about the market-available drugs. I don’t think it is used in for example the Netherlands/UK. As far as I know bufylline is the same as ambuphylline, which I think is a combination of theophylline and aminoisobutanol. Theophylline is a standard ingredient (ambuphylline is not), but has a distinct ATC code from bufylline. I’m not a clinical expert, so I was unsure about the best way to proceed…

(Christian Reich) #4


ATC has drugs that are not on the market, or no longer on the market. Quite a few of them, actually. Buphyllin or ambuphyllin is one of them. Theophylline of course is in, and that’s what RxNorm probably would take it as, since aminoisobutanol is not really a drug, but a solvent. The paper that Wikipedia cites is from 1946. So, you can see this doesn’t look like something super hot today.

Do you have data with that stuff?