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Standard concepts related to Pacemaker entities

Hello everyone.

Now in these days, I’m trying to map all the entities in nursing flow chart.
However, I’m having trouble with the pacemaker entities, which includes pacemaker mode, type, sensitivity and so on.

While I search through the standard vocabularies for these concepts, I found there are well-established panels for pacemaker in LOINC(99697-5, 99674-4), but there are not in ATHENA.
URL : LOINC 99674-4 — Temporary pacemaker panel , LOINC 99697-5 — Permanent pacemaker panel

I wonder why these LOINC concepts are not included in ATHENA.
If there are other concepts represents pacemaker information, please let me know.

It would be very generous of you all helping me in this issue.

Hi @sumnemo ! The latest LOINC update in athena was august 2021, and these concept was created in LOINC vers. 2.72 - feb 2022. I hope next LOINC updade in Athena will solve this problem

Thank you.

I forgot to check the version of LOINC.
I guess I have to wait for the update in ATHENA.