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St. Jude KIDS23 (Knowledge in Data Science) BioHackathon

The St. Jude KIDS23 (Knowledge in Data Science) BioHackathon will be held from May 3-5, 2023 in association with the St. Jude KIDS23 Data Science Symposium.

Website: St. Jude BioHackathon | St. Jude Research

Are you a non-St. Jude employee/student interested in participating? Check out the projects that teams will work on during the event and consider signing up.
Limited travel awards will be available to US residents, though virtual participation is also welcome

Sign-ups are open through through March 15th, 2023 .


SCCRIP (Sickle Cell Clinical Research and Intervention Program) established a longitudinal clinical cohort of Patients with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) in 2014 in the St. Jude Clinical Hematology department.

Since SCCRIP began in 2014, researchers and physicians at institutions across the country have reached out to express interest in contributing data for SCCRIP. Currently SCCRIP affiliate or collaborating sites include four hospitals: Methodist/Le Bonheur Hospital (Memphis, TN); Children’s Hospital of Illinois (Peoria, IL); Novant Health (Charlotte NC); Our Lady of the Lake (Baton Rouge, LA). These hospitals contribute clinical data to SCCRIP by extracting data from their EMR and uploading the extracts to SCCRIP sFTP sites. SCCRIP data management staff review and audit the data extracts as they are made available and download all data annually to include in the data freeze. This approach to the transfer and harmonization requires significant resources to develop and maintain. Some sites who would like to participate in and contribute data to SCCRIP are unable to meet these requirements.


The Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP) Common Data Model (CDM) is an open community data standard, designed to standardize the structure and content of observational data and to enable efficient analyses that can produce reliable evidence.


SCCRIP currently has 1300 enrollees. One collaborator for SCCRIP has longitudinal data for 600 SCD patients in OMOP CDM format.

Transitioning SCCRIP data to an industry standard Common Data Model (CDM) is currently being evaluated at St. Jude, though the conversion may take until 2024/2025 to complete. Therefore, as an interim solution, to help accelerate research in Sickle Cell Disease, we are expanding the SCCRIP cohort through acquisition and conversion of collaborator’s data in OMOP CDM format to SCCRIP.


Skills Needed: Networking, R, OHDSI tools, PostgreSQL/SQL, SAS, medical vocabulary such as LOINC, RxNORM, SNOMED, ICD-10.

SCCRIP Project Contact – Interested to participate virtually or in-person at Memphis, TN, please contact Ragha.srinivasan@stjude.org