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SQL script for populating Era tables


The SQL scripts for populating Era tables on CDM’s github site has a note that says “This query only works with 5.3 and below.” (sqlScripts.knit)

We are building a OMOP with CDM 5.4. Will there be a concern?


I think the drug era script will work with v5.4. However I suggest a change in the initial query.

Change " ```
WHERE c.vocabulary_id = ‘RxNorm’ —8 selects RxNorm from the vocabulary_id

" ```
 WHERE c.vocabulary_id IN( 'RxNorm', 'RxNorm Extension' )
Reply after running if it worked or not.


The drug era script with your recommended change work with v5.4. However, it took way too long to run through the script (~ 2 days). The drug_exposure table has around 214 million records, we have all the table index built. What else can we do to improve the performance?


Glad the script worked. Sorry, but not able to help you with performance problem.