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SQL Querying in OHDSI-in-a-box

(Vasyl Atamanyuk) #1

Hello Team) I’m passing ehden training and having hard times to try on basic SQL queries.

  1. Deployed and entered to remotew ohdsi-in-a-box VM
  2. Opened SQL workbench
  3. Run basic queries like SELECT* from VOCABULARY
  4. Got an error http://prntscr.com/zbig75
    Maybe I’m doing smth not right) Please, help)



Hello @Vasyl_Atamanyuk,

Try using fully-qualified table names in queries, with schema specified.

(Vasyl Atamanyuk) #3

Thanks, @rookie_crewkie. I tried to overcome this issue and reproduced training from OHDSI 2019 symposium using Windows VM. The secret for me was to set search_path to ‘ohdsi’; :slight_smile: I think, it would be good to include @mvanzandt 's tutorial into EHDEN ohdsi-in-a-box course


which basically changes the default schema for objects’ lookup (or alters the precedence), so the root cause is the same: wrong schema.

(Vasyl Atamanyuk) #5

@nigehughes, this request maybe relevant for Academy as well. Will use EHDEN forum further. Thanks)