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SQL generation bug (or maybe not a bug...) on ATLAS

(Cong Liu) #1

Hi @Chris_Knoll,

I just realized there is a bug in ATLAS. I found when there is no measurement value supplied (leave the “with value as the number” box empty), you can still click the generate button. However, the backend will return the “Nullpointer” error. It turns out when there is no measurement value (the box leave blank), the SQL generation process will fail (500 error on server-side, /webapi/sql). I know, users should always supply the measurement value if they provide this criterion. so I don’t know whether we should say this is a bug.

See example below.

Maybe make this box mandatory? if the “with value as the number” attribute added.


(Chris Knoll) #2

Hi, @Cong_Liu:
We have a simple cohort validation implemetnation, where we could look for missing values in criteria before posting. This check is missing, but it is definitely something that can be added.

In the future, once we get ore certain that the warnings and errors are 100% accurate, we’ll disable generation buttons when we identify an error conditions in the cohort. But we aren’t there yet.