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Source_to_concept_map for multiple data source system

(Shinjinaka) #1


My database is receiving data from two data source system (A and B). We have a source_code (“21465”) coming from both data source systems, and should be mapped to two different concept (“WBC”, and “RESTRICTED PEAK ALPHA, URINE”). Both are in measurement domain.
Has anyone got into the same issue when you utilize the source_to_concept_map table for mapping?
Any suggestion?

We are thinking to adding data_source_system field at the end of the table and adding primary key to it, so that we can pick the correct mapping.


(Frank D) #2

Have you considered creating uniqueness in the source_vocabulary_id? You could potentially concatenate your source system and vocabulary here instead of modifying the table.

(Melanie Philofsky) #3

I agree with @fdimartini. It’s a best practice to have different vocabulary_ids for different sources because source codes are not unique.

(Shinjinaka) #4

@fdimartini Thanks for your input. Please correct me if I am wrong.
source_vocabulary_id has constraints with vocabulary table. so the vocabulary_id should be something like “LOINC”, “SNOMED”, etc.

Are you suggesting to map “21465” “WBC” to concept_id from “SNOMED” vocabulary
and “21465” “RESTRICTED PEAK ALPHA, URINE” to concept_id from “LOINC” vocabulary?
or to add own vocabulary in vocabulary table like “EPIC-Lab” as vocabulary id?

(Shinjinaka) #5

I think I found the answer from the past discussion. Thanks!