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[SOLVED] How to solve same Person/Provider with multiple Care_site?

Hi OHDSI community. My project is trying to gather patient data in OMOP CDM from many hospitals where patients/providers may have cross visits/treatment between hospitals. What I understand is that Person_ID and Provider_ID should be unique, and the same ID should determine the same patient/clinician.

Thus, if two hospitals with different care_site IDs send data of the same person/clinician, what should be the exact care_site ID to be represented in the Person and Provider tables? Do I have to create different Person_ID and Provider_ID even if the data belongs to the same person/clinician but comes from different hospitals?

It would be great if I could keep the same Person_ID with multiple care_site_IDs since we can see the journey of the patient.

Appreciated for your help,


Not sure I see the problem. Write a record into VISIT_OCCURRENCE for each visit the patient had, with the ID of the patient in person_id. The unique care site goes into the care_site_id, the flesh and blood provider into provider_id.

Similarly, the treatments go into PROCEDURE_OCCURRENCE, which also has the fields person_id and provider_id, who performed the procedure. There is no care_site_id, but there is a visit_occurrence_id where all of this happened.

So, each visit happens in one care site, with multiple procedures. The Provider is either attached to the entire visit or each procedure. The person, care site and provider always keep their ID.

Makes sense?

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Hi Christian,

Thank you for your suggestion! Now I understand that the linkage between “visit_occurrence_id” will help me solve this.

Very appreciated for your help,