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SNOMED-MedDRA mapping -MedDRA Investigations

Hi all, I am a novice at this forum, and not an ontology expert, so my question here might seem underdeveloped and not up to standards that I observe on other forum topics. I really want to immerse into the community (started reading Book of OHDSI), but I lack elementary knowledge of ontology/terminology management .

As per looking to MedDRA to SNOMED and SNOMED to MedDRA mappings, there is a fair amount of mapped terms related to therapeutic procedures (surgery types, etc.).

Lookup of mapped MedDRA terms that are under “Investigations” in the official mapping set on MedDRA Download page give out mostly changes in laboratory tests (so, basically results and interpretations) which SNOMED classifies as “finding”.

That brings me up to the question - What are the most efficient ways to retrieve exact mappings for MedDRA Investigations to SNOMED or any other standardized vocabulary?

Thank you in advance,
Askar Tursyn, MD

Generally speaking, you can always look at CONCEPT_RELATIONSHIP table with concept_id_1 being MedDRA terms and relationship_id = ‘Maps to’. There are some mappings there. That being said, you can see improvement activities around these mappings planned for the next release in the roadmap, so treat current mappings with caution. @Mikita_Salavei is working diligently on it and can provide more input if needed.