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SNOMED CT to ICD 10 PCS mapping

(Abhishek kumar verma) #1

Hi Folks ,

We have got the snomed code for the procedures and would like to map it to the existing CD10 PCS
vocabulary , would like to know is there any query which can be ran on the concept tables (concept , concept_relationship,concept_ancestor) to get the ICD10 PCS for the required concept id.
Thanks in advance !!

Abhishek Verma

(Vojtech Huser) #2

Let’s take hysterectomy as an example

It subsumes this ICD10PCS concept

Zoomin on that blue concept further

reveals that formal mapping (under non-standard to standard) maps to SELF ! (see blue focus)

The problem is with granularity. ICD10PCS may hit a territory where SNOMED refuses to go (will be out of scope for SNOMED). This is a big problem in the world of OMOP procedures internationally). That is why we struggle so much with procedures. (and target terminology for procedures)

(raghu) #3

@Vojtech_Huser thanks for the clarification. Then what would be solution to get ICD-10-PCS for procedures other than mapping from snomed code to ICD-10-PCS. Because we have nearly 77000 ICD-10-PCS codes. Is there any other way to get ICD-10-PCS codes