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Sign up for weekend activities at the 2023 OHDSI Global Symposium!

Just a reminder to register for the symposium to ensure your seat! On the registration link, you may sign up for the activities on Saturday and Sunday; there is no sign-up required for the HowOften Workshop

AFRICA CHAPTER WorkGroup Meeting at the Global Symposium Sun Oct 22 @ 1-5 pm
Teams link for remote participation (this session only)

|1:00 to 1:15| Introductions|
|1:15 to 1:30| Objectives & Key Results 2023|
|1:30 to 1:50| Overview of Mapping Survey Elements to OMOP CDM, Primer on Athena|
|1:50 to 3:00| Split into Groups for Diff Parts of Pregnancy or Birth Surveys|
– Map Survey Qs to OMOP CDM: Domain (Table), Standard Concept Code,|
– Mark ones with multiple possibilities for whole group discussion|
|3:00 to 3:15| Break|
|3:15 to 4:00| Continue Mapping|
|4:00 to 5:00| Evaluate Progress, Resolve Ambiguities. Next steps|