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Showing duplicate concept id

Hi Folks ,

Athena is showing duplicate concept id for the same description search “coronary artery disease”

40398869 and 40641917 and they are showing status as invalid .Shall i use the concept id they are showing invalid in Athena .If yes then which one should i pick .
Thanks in advance .

Abhishek Verma

Hello! Both of these concepts come from SNOMED CT vocabulary, which we use as a backbone to standardise Condition concepts.

SNOMED vocabulary is under constant development by IHTDSO. It is taken from source as is without modifications on OMOP CDM side. If a concept is considered ambiguous or otherwise unsuitable, SNOMED will deactivate it and suggest a replacement target for it. You can view these replacements in Athena under Invalid reason paragraph if you click on a concept name in the search results.

It looks like both of these concepts (40641917 and 40398869) were deactivated back in 2016 and replaced with the concept Coronary arteriosclerosis.

This concept is valid and standard and has “Coronary artery disease” in it’s synonym list. I’m not sure if two terms can really be considered equivalent (coronary artery disease looks more generic in a strict sense), even though clinicians could use them interchangeably. Perhaps you would want to use (also standard and valid) Disorder of coronary artery instead. This concept subsumes all possible terms that can be classified as diseases affecting coronary artery. It depends on your use-case.

Are the following 2 sets of Concepts also duplicates?
https://athena.ohdsi.org/search-terms/terms/46233686 and

https://athena.ohdsi.org/search-terms/terms/45454837 and