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Shiny Deploy - PLE


This is a two part question, so apologies for any confusion. I am trying to publish Shiny results from one database online so that they are viewable to the entire study team. However, these results are not the final results, so I’m not sure if its appropriate to already host them at data.ohdsi.org. Unfortunately, I am having problems hosting them on shinyapps.io. Does anyone have experience hosting results online? I think the root of the issue is that there are certain files that I need to move to the EvidenceExplorer folder in order for the information in these files to be appropriately accessible to shinyapps.io, but I’m not sure which and have been unable to figure it out through trial and error.

Additionally, is there any information available on the process for publishing results to the OHDSI Shiny Deploy page? Do I simply need to upload the contents of the EvidenceExplorer folder (with the data folder added)? And is there a particular person to contact in order to receive permission to create a pull request?

Thank you very much.