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Several reports in the "Data Sources" tab fail in the ATLAS (v2.12 ) when using OMOP CDM v5.4

Hi everyone,

In our local environment, some reports in the “Data Sources” tab in ATLAS v.2.12 show unexpected issues when selecting as a source an OMOP CDM v.5.4 instance.

Drilldown reports that appear after clicking on boxes in Treemap reports are displayed when selecting a 5.3.1 instance in the same environment.

Nevertheless this drilldown reports are not displayed when selecting as a source a v5.4 instance (neither when clicking on a row in the corresponding “Table” tab). In the console of the browser I see the following message:

The only drilldown report that is partially displayed is the one in the Visit Report:

but still there is neither data in the “prevalence by month” plot nor in the “prevalence” one.

In addition, in the “observation_period” report we have this:

And in the “Death” report:

No console error appears when displaying the “observation_period” or “Death” report and neither when visualizing the Visit drilldown report.

All these issues do not appear when visualizing reports from a 5.3.1 OMOP instance.
Could you please give me feedback on this issue?
Thank you in advance,

Juan Manuel Ramirez