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Seeking data partners for the OHDSI Center Reproducibility Study

Hi everyone,

As you may remember from the March 29th community call on reproducibility, the OHDSI Center at Northeastern is conducting its first reproducibility study focusing on a recently published observational research findings on the association of Rivaroxaban vs Apixaban with major ischemic or hemorrhagic events in patients with Atrial Fibrillation.

The details of this study is outlined in a protocol draft and is posted in the OHDSI-Studies repository along with a cohort diagnostic package. We are currently running the package in OpenClaims and aiming to present initial findings at the Symposium on Risks and Opportunities of AI in Clinical Drug Development co-sponsored by the Roux Institute at Northeastern University. Our plan is to present the final results at the 2022 OHDSI Symposium.

We would like to invite data partners to join us and participate in the study. Please share your interest, and what data source(s) you may be able to bring to the collaboration.

Those of you interested to run cohort diagnostics and contribute to the assessment and refinement of the study cohorts, can find the package in the study github page. :slight_smile:

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hi @agolozar, Columbia would be happy to run this on our CUIMC-NYP database and, if needed, our instance of the MarketScan database as well.

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Thanks @thomasfalconer! Would be great to run it on both CUIMC and MarketScan :slight_smile:

This is very exciting Asieh! We at Tufts are, of course, be eager to be a data partner and scientific contributor to this very important work.

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IQVIA will play, too.

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Congrats on getting this together, excited to see how it goes @agolozar Happy to give this a run at Stanford STARR. Will DM you RE: timing :slight_smile:

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