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Seeking collaborators to work on a sleep and autism project

(Beth A Malow) #1

I am a sleep physician and autism researcher with interest and expertise in looking at medications used to treat sleep in children and adults with autism. If you have OSDSI experience, particularly from a programming or R standpoint, please reach out. Perhaps we can collaborate on some grant proposals.

(shilpa) #2

Hello @malowba Thanks for your interest. I run a Psychiatry Workgroup within the OHDSI community where we focus on answering Psychiatry related questions and subsequent support for the same with the OMOP Model and Vocabulary. We recently built a Scale Vocabulary to harmonize the scoring methods used in Psychiatry. We are also in the process of running some studies in the group to further develop the Psychiatry space within OMOP. The group meets every other Thur at 8:00AM EST. Our first meeting of 2021 is tomorrow Jan 7th. Below is a link to the meeting in MSTeams

Click here to join the meeting

Would be very interested to hear from you and see how we can collaborate on a study.

Thanks and looking forward.

(Beth A Malow) #3

I will try to attend! I have another commitment around 8:45 eastern but will stay on until then

(Beth A Malow) #4

Hi @shilparatwani – I enjoyed Thursday’s meeting. When you ge a chance, can you send me the scale vocabulary and also connect me with haoluo, who was interested in neurodevelopmental disorders? I couldn’t find her in OHDSI. thanks Beth

(shilpa) #5

@malowba Thank you for joining the discussion on Thur. Here is a link to the Scale Vocabulary
If you give me your email address, I can add you to the Teams conversation and also connect you with Hao.

(Beth A Malow) #6

thank you! it is beth.malow@vumc.org