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Security on OHDSI.org Atlas

(Jon Duke) #1

@Architecture team, I’m psyched to see security implemented on Atlas. Would you mind turning it off on OHDSI.org demonstration Atlas or having it autofill with username/password.



(Gregory Klebanov) #2

hey Jon! Quick background on where it is coming from - there was a request from SNOMED folks to enable security on OHDSI ATLAS due to the SNOMED license restrictions. We are actively discussing different options at this moment on how to make it less intrusive and user friendly. Unfortunately, I do not think any of the are particularly simple to implement (if done properly) or user friendly (if it is a quick fix).

@lee_evans have put such a quick fix in place for the time being. But I would propose we either disable it - until we figure out a more user friendly option - or maybe post the information somewhere on what the user name / password is?

(Chris Knoll) #3

Can you elaborate on these license restrictions?

(Christian Reich) #4


Too early for broad discussion here. But briefly: SNOMED is not Public Domain. Many countries pay the license for their entire population, while in others folks need to get a specific license. In either case this needs to be handled properly. And right now the OHDSI Atlas gives access to SNOMED concepts without any mechanism for license compliance. We are in active conversation with SNOMED about the options. Will keep you posted.

(Christophe Lambert) #5

It will be very important to our organization to have (ideally) a user-level login mechanism for Atlas. Is this being actively developed?

(Wilson Pace) #6

Can someone tell me where or who we get access to Atlas through? My mapping team access it several times a week and are locked out right now.

(Lee Evans) #7

@Wilson_Pace I’ve sent you a direct message.

(Suranga) #8

Hi there. My name is @Suranga and i’m part of the Regenstrief team working on an FDA project with Jon Duke et. al. It seems that i’m not able to login to Atlas either. Could you please advise on how we can start accessing this tool again?

(Lee Evans) #9

@Suranga I’ve sent you a direct message

(Rick Kiefer) #10

May I have a sign in for the public instance of Atlas? I have a UMLS license.
Thank you

(Vojtech Huser) #11

I preferred the open world.
But in considering solutions - NLM has a mechanism for authenticating people with UMLS license. It is externally used by VSAC and CDE repository. Perhaps a same technical solution can be made with public Atlas instance.

(if wide open Atlas was already ruled out :sob: )

(Swammer) #12

Hello - How do I register for access to Atlas? Thanks!

(Kristin Kostka, MPH) #13

How expensive are these licenses? Is there a way a philanthropic entity could help cover the cost of a license for X number of OHDSI community heads for non-commercial use/academic advancement?

Seems like this is an exercise in bean counting. I would happily figure out a way to crowdfund to get this tool back to being widely accessible. The ATLAS demo is a great conduit for building excitement in the community and drawing collaboration. I know plenty of people who use the public demo while they are learning how to stand-up their own version of ATLAS.

(Alvin Marcelo) #14

It’s calculated per capita x GDP (roughly)…it would be usd60,000 annuallyfor a country like the Philippines…

(Christian Reich) #15


We are talking to SNOMED. Will roll out the solution shortly. Keep tuned in.

(Yeesuk Kim) #16

Hi. I’m Yeesuk Kim in Hanyang University and UCLA. By the way, I have often accessed to ATLAS for cohort definition and all the stuffs are in ATALS. However, now I cannot access. Could you help me?

(Lisa Schilling) #17

hi Lee, will you send me a direct message too for username/password. thanks, Lisa


Hi Lee,

Would you also send me a direct message too for username/password? I also want to access ATLAS to create some cohorts for my analysis. Thank you!


(Alex Pham) #19

Hello! I am having the same problem as Yeesuk. Is there any way I can get the Username/Password login info for the demo?

(Lee Evans) #20

@schillil @JHuang @AlexP - I’ve sent you direct messages

Atlas security login