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SDOH: LOINC Question-Answer pair issue

Hi All - We’re mapping SDOH Epic Flowsheet questionnaires for a N3C project.

We noticed this Question: “How hard is it for you to pay for the very basics like food, housing, medical care, and heating” (Athena record)

Has Answer of: “Not hard at all” (Athena record)

But if you look up the LOINC code: LA31980-8, it exists in an answer list LL5867-8.

This answer list is for LOINC 76513-1 is different (LL3266-5):

So the question when mapping data from Epic… can we use the LL5867-8 answer list because it’s mapped in Athena of “Has Answer”… or do we have to stick to the LL3266-5 answer list and map this to 0 - No Matching Concept?

@Dymshyts @Christian_Reich @Alexdavv… what’s the verdict?

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Can it be LOINC version difference? (most recent on LOINC web vs. what is in Athena)?

Our N3C colleague figured it out.

“I figured out what was up with that LOINC/LOINC Answer issue. The web interface for LOINC only displays the Example LOINC List which is not comprehensive. If you download the LOINC answers, it aligns with Athena!”

Guess we need to educate our mapping teams to be skeptical of the LOINC UI!