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SDG mapping to NDC

Hello all!!

I am trying to map drug groups from clinical trial protocol to be used in an observational study using EHR. I was wondering if anyone has experience mapping WHODrug Standardised Drug Groupings into NDC.

Any input would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Not sure if anybody mapped WHO Drugs to NDC since NDC is non-standard in OHDSI (RxNorm and RxE are standard and we map to those). There has been a desire to map WHO Drugs but Iā€™m not aware of anybody completing this task.

If you are interested in pursuing such an endeavor, there are community contribution pipelines that will enable you to push mappings to the OHDSI Vocabularies. While we are preparing GitHub pages that describe drug vocabulary contribution in more detail, you could come to a Vocab WG call to discuss it more.