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RxNorm MIN concepts

Hi @Christian_Reich, is there any plan to add RxNorm MIN (multiple ingredients) concepts to OMOP?

Hi @abedtash_hamed

Not exactly a plan, but we discussed this idea in some context.

What would be your need/usecase?

Yeah. It is there. We should add an issue, @Alexdavv. It’s low priority though. You’d need to dive very far to the bottom of the ocean to reach it. Or do you have a use case making it more important?

Thanks @Alexdavv and @Christian_Reich. We have are implementing OMOP CDM in an internal system that also receives RxNorm MIN concepts, so we need the relationships between MIN and RxNorm standard concepts to be able to standardize them on the fly. Let me know when you are planning to adding them to the vocab. It would be a huge help. Thanks!

I think we have 2 options here:

  • Bring MINs to OMOP vocabulary making them Standard and being a part of drug hierarchy (between the ingredients and clinical drug forms). It’s a huge work since RxNorm Extension and its builder is affected. Will not break the existing cohorts, only providing some more flexibility.

  • Bring MINs to OMOP vocabularies and make them non Standard. Then we can add the links (presumably Maps to) to drug Ingredients. It seems enough for @abedtash_hamed case?

I like the 2nd approach.

This works perfectly for us. Thank you! How soon do you think we will get this in OMOP vocab?

Hello @abedtash_hamed,
we plan to make MIN a topic in an internal discussion quite soon, so we can work on the pros and cons and what would have to be done. Please bear with us a little longer, we will let you know about the outcome and then hopefully an itinerary with a timeline as well.

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We added MINs into OMOP vocabulary with the recent release. You can read here how it’s done

@Alexdavv Wonderful! Thanks so much