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RxNorm ingredient codes to get all related code for EMR data extraction


I am trying to extract patients that were prescribed insulin or insulin analogues from an EMR dataset. I have the ingredient RxNorm codes - 51428,1670007,1727493,139825,274783,1858994,400008,86009,1309342,253182,1007184,1605101,1008501,253182. I wanted to verify that if I pull out all the relationships of these ingredient codes using concept_relationship and concept_ancestor table, would that provide all relevant insulin RxNorm codes using which I can extract the data from EMR dataset?

Thank you,

Hello, @Deepika_sharma

  1. Please, use only standard concepts and query concept_ancestor table, with that approach you would be able to find all standard concepts, and non-standard concepts have already been mapped to them
  2. Know your data! Other vocabularies have standard concepts for insulin as well: HCPCS, ICD10PCS, and even Snomed may contribute to the list. The majority of the data should be in the Drug_exposure table and should be covered by RxNorm and RxNorm Extension. Just make sure, that you don’t rely on HCPCS, ICD10PCS, and Snomed in coding and on RxNorm and RxNorm Extension in querying the data.
  3. I believe, not all insulin ingredients were included. I found some more (see attached file), consider adding them
    missing insulines.xlsx (18.5 KB)

Good luck with your study!

This helps a lot! Thank you, @zhuk