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RxNorm Extension brand name to ingredients mappings wrong

During researching drug codes for my projects I stumbled upon false ingredient to brand name mappings (i.e., “has brand name (OMOP)” ).

Specifically, I have found that the ingredient “aspirin” (concept id: 1112807) maps to several brand names that evidently contain “acetaminophen” (paracetamol, concept id: 1125315).

This is the case for the following brand names (merely examples, there are many more):

  • Docmorris Paracetamol (40805360)
  • Axea Paracetamol (43565888)
  • PARACETAMOL KABI (43128114)

All these brand names also have a link to their actual ingredient (acetaminophen).

I have not done thorough investigations whether this occurs in other ingredients too.
Is this problem known? Should I report this somewhere else?

@h_go, thanks for your message, OHDSI Vocabulary Team marked this problem to resolve in future vocabularies refresh. Currently you can use ancestor of this ingredient ‘aspirin’ (concept_ancestor table) to receive all required valid brand names.

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