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RxNORM CUI that dont exist in CDM

This is an old discussion but I am running into the same issue where I dont see the below listed
RxCUI in the concept table. I checked a few of these on the RxNAV web page RxNav and the codes seem valid and active.

“1422085” “2535748” “2283229” “1727493” “1368402” “2117292” “1727500” “2281864” “1992825” “647235” “606253” “900937” “1798280” “1656339”.

Can someone from OHDSI provide clarification on this? Thanks.

Hello @Deepika_sharma. Thank you for bringing this up. We are already in the process of fixing this.
Please see the following github issue. The next release should include the missing MINs and we hope it is only a couple of days away.

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Thank you @TetianaOrlova.

Hi @Tetiana, is the next version of the vocabulary released? Will I be able to download it from Athena?

Hi @Deepika_sharma

that should be an easy check for you.

If it is in Athena, you can download it.

have fun!

@mik I see it in Athena. Thank you.