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Running WhiteRabbit and Rabbit-in-a-Hat on Ubuntu Server

Hello OHDSI community,

I am currently working on setting up OHDSI software tools on an Ubuntu Server which is being accessed through SSH interface without any GUI interface. Specifically, I am trying to run WhiteRabbit and Rabbit-in-a-Hat for my ETL project, and I have encountered some challenges.

Both source and destination databases are there on the server in PstgreSQL, but I am uncertain about how to run WhiteRabbit and Rabbit-in-a-Hat without a graphical user interface. Since the server does not have a GUI, I am looking for guidance on the command-line options or any configurations needed to execute these tools in a non-GUI environment.

We are using Ubuntu Server 22.04. However, I am unsure about the specific commands or configurations needed for WhiteRabbit and Rabbit-in-a-Hat. I would appreciate any guidance, documentation references, or insights from those who have experience running these tools in a similar environment. Your assistance will be invaluable in helping me move forward with my project.

Thank you in advance for your time and support.


running WhiteRabbit from the command line is documented here.

Rabbit-in-a-Hat is designed for interactive use, and I don’t think there is a use case for it without a GUI. But it also does not connect to a database, so you might as well run it on your local laptop/system. It does take the scanreport that WhiteRabbit generates as input, you would need to transfer that from the server where you run WhiteRabbit.

Hope this helps,


Thank you Jan for your response, your insights and guidance were incredibly valuable, and I appreciate the thoughtful responses that helped me navigate the challenges I was facing. Thanks to your assistance, I’ve successfully configured and executed the WhiteRabbit using command line, and generated scan report.