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route_source_value and dose_unit_source_value in DRUG_EXPOSURE table

(Jeffrey) #1


I have a pharmacy claim that I want to map to the DRUG_EXPOSURE table. The claim contains an NDC code, but no explicit route or unit field. Route and unit can be found in an NDC look-up table. Do I need to (or should I) store anything in route_source_value and dose_unit_source_value? Or, should I just populate route_concept_id using an NDC-to-route look-up table and leave the source-related variables null?


(Rkboyce) #2

Hi Jeff, RxNorm is mapped to NDC in the vocab. So, I think you would want to use the Concept and Concept_Relationship tables to convert the NDC code to an RxNorm code and then you can get that information from the Drug_Strength table using the concept_id for the RxNorm concept. Some of the queries here can help inspire you as to how to it might be done: http://vocabqueries.omop.org/drug-queries

(Jeffrey) #3

Thank you.

Given that NDC maps to RxNorm and that route_concept_id and dose_unit_concept_ id can be mapped from RxNorm using OMOP look-up tables, is there any reason to populate source variables route_source_value and dose_unit_source_value? It seems like they are not needed.


(Karthik) #4

@Christian_Reich I came across this forum post and was wondering if these relationships are something that will be incorporated into the OMOP vocabulary?

(Christian Reich) #5

Couple things:

The route_concept_id depicts the route of administration, if we know it. RxNorm knows the Dose Form. The two are not equivalent. Oral tablets (Dose Form) will probably have an Oral route of administration. But for many forms it is ambiguous. Injections could be subcutaneous or intravenous. Solutions could be topical, oral, or even parenteral (if they are sterile). So, folks demanded the route field. We should find out who actually fills it.

The dose_unit_concept_id is no longer needed, since we added units to the DRUG_STRENGTH table for all RxNorm and RxNorm Extension Concepts, standardizing the unit even for things like Ingredients. Reminds me: Need to update the documentation. And have to take out the dose_unit_source_value from the DLL, which was erroneously forgotten and is deadwood now.