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Route mapping : Intravenous

(허수정) #1

In the ATHENA, there are 3 intravenous concept code.

|4170113|[Intravenous central route]
|4171884||[Intravenous peripheral route]

We have prescribed continuous intravenous (CIV) for inotropic drugs such as Dobutamine, Norepinephrine and have a specific record of the start and stop of these drugs.

I want to distinguish between continuous intravenous infusion and intravenous infusion.
Are there other mapping codes for continuous intravenous infusion?

(Hamed Abedtash) #2

Within SNOMED hierarchy, “Continuous infusion” is a “Technique”, and “Intravenous” is the “Route of administration”. So, I would map CIV to “Intravenous” route. If you want to keep the technique of administration in the records, you can use FACT_RELATIONSHIP table.

(Seng Chan You) #3

I wrote an answer for this question on the THEMIS-Korea in Korean.

By storing ‘drug_exposure_start_datetime’ and ‘drug_exposure_end_datetime’, I think you can distinguish bolus IV and continous IV drug administration. Otherwise, you can use ‘sig’ in the drug exposure table (I don’t recommend).