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ROhdsiWebApi: concept functions not working

We have written a short program to see if we are interested in the R function getConceptSetDefinition & resolveConceptSet & getSourceConcepts. Leaving out the authentication step which works fine. Note that getCohortDefinition is working well. Running this program is resulting in

webapi_root ← https://atlas.astellasrwi.us/WebAPI
cohort_def ← getCohortDefinition(cohortId = 425, baseUrl = webapi_root)

concept = 1268
conceptSet ← getConceptSetDefinition(conceptSetId = concept, baseUrl = webapi_root)
conceptIds ← resolveConceptSet(conceptSet = conceptSet, baseUrl = webapi_root )
sourceconcepts = getSourceConcepts(conceptIds = conceptIds,
baseUrl = webapi_root)

Not sure if this an ATLAS error or a shortcoming in ROhdsiWebApi.

Error in .request():
! http error 500: Internal server error.
The server encountered a problem when trying to fulfill this request.

Thank you for your assistance

Bradley Slavik