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RIAH - mapping for field not found

Hi. I was hoping to find CDM5.3.1_Oncology.csv preloaded in the target databases of RabbitInTheHat binary but it’s not.

I also attempted to load it as custom after copying it over from the src repository (https://github.com/OHDSI/WhiteRabbit/tree/d36f9a917ad4b7540b6ec86b52420cd29d17ca83/rabbitinahat/src/main/resources/org/ohdsi/rabbitInAHat/dataModel) , but I had an error “mapping for field not found”

Any suggestions on how I can load the oncology CDM to start mappings?



Hi @geoc , the oncology extension is part of CDM v5.4. Please use this file. Or select v5.4 directly when using WhiteRabbit v0.10.5.

Thanks @MaximMoinat that worked.