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Return of the OHDSI Debates! (March 14 community call)

Please join our March 14 community call (11 am ET) for one of our most popular sessions, the OHDSI Debates! We will host two debates during this call.

Debate 1: An authority has provided me an ICD-10 codelist to use to identify patients with a disease. I should use that source codelist ‘as is’ for verbatim replication, and not consider it as a starting point for phenotype development/evaluation process to model the authority’s intent using standard concepts.

Debaters: Harold Lehmann (Professor of Health Sciences Informatics, Johns Hopkins University) and Anna Ostropolets (Clinical Data Scientist, Odysseus Data Services, Inc.)

Debate 2: Source chart review adjudication is a necessary component of phenotype evaluation to ensure reliable evidence.

Debaters: Evan Minty (Clinical Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine, University of Calgary) and James Weaver (Associate Director, Observational Health Data Analytics, Janssen Research & Development)

Everybody is invited. Calendar invites went out earlier today. If you did not receive one, please use this link to join the meeting. All recordings from these weekly calls will be posted on both our main OHDSI Teams tenant and on our OHDSI.org Community Calls page.