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Retrieving cohort entities with Web API does not work in atlas-demo

Hi All,

I am playing with atlas-demo.ohdsi.org and WebAPI and I cannot retrieve subjects from a cohort with use of
WebAPI endpoint (according to this WebApi endpoint documentation):

GET https://api.ohdsi.org/WebAPI/cohort/1787420/

I generated cohort data for SYNPUF5PCT data source and Cohort definition #1787420. Generation was completed successfully, and cohort should contain 3207 people (see here)

I created sample data to find matching subjects and I used exemplary result (person with id=13) to check if cohort data had been already created and can be retrieved from personal data:

GET https://api.ohdsi.org/WebAPI/SYNPUF5PCT/person/13

In response I found the following cohort entity (among others):

      "cohorts" :[
            "personId": null,
            "cohortDefinitionId": 1787420,
            "startDate": 1244505600000,
            "endDate": 1285113600000

So, I do not understand why I receive empty response with
Request : GET https://api.ohdsi.org/WebAPI/cohort/1787420/
Response : []
while I know that cohort entities have been created.

Do I miss sth? I haven’t found any other endpoint that would return to cohort entities based on cohort definition id.