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Require Standard Concept, more specific mapping for ICD-10-CM U09.9 " Post COVID condition

The ICD10CM code for “long COVID” (U09.9 Post COVID condition) is required to support research use cases in N3C. Current non-standard concept mapping provides a standard concept that is is too far up the hierarchy to meet the semantic needs for any research use cases

please provide a standard code modeled to a much more specific location. Suggest a child concept of Disease due to Coronaviridae (27619001)

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Hi @DaveraG – I would suggest if you haven’t already to log this in the Vocabulary GitHub:

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Hi Davera,

When we mapped it we were looking into the ICD10CM coding guidelines and concluded the following:

The only clinical fact this code captures is historical COVID-19.
It’s explicitly stated for the Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome - the actual manifestation of the long COVID should be coded separately.


It’s not so clear for other manifestations, but supposed to be the same - doctors define the relation on their own.

Given the fact the long-COVID criteria were blurred, we tried not to impute the facts out of doctors’ suggestions and would recommend researchers to capture the post-COVID the same was: History of COVID + manifestations of its actual sequelae.

But I agree that by some other coding practices one will capture only the fact of sequelae using the code like that. So it comes to the question of whether: (a) such coding practice exists; (b) long-COVID criteria are defined enough and we believe the relations like that.

If both answers are “yes” I’d suggest creating long-COVID concept under the Sequelae of infectious disease hierarchy.

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To support the coding of terminology used to describe prolonged symptoms following COVID-19 illness, we propose the following OMOP Extension concepts in Condition Domain with suggested definitions according to current guidelines on the management of long COVID:

  1. Sequela of COVID-19 - persistent symptoms and/or delayed or long-term complications of SARS-CoV-2 infection beyond 4 weeks from the onset of symptoms
    1.1. Long COVID-19 (Syn: Chronic COVID) - subsumes persistent symptoms and/or delayed or long-term complications of SARS-CoV-2 infection beyond 4 weeks from the onset of symptoms excluding ICU-treated patients. Subsumes:
    1.1.1. Ongoing symptomatic COVID-19 - signs and symptoms of covid-19 present from four weeks and up to 12 weeks
    1.1.2. Post COVID-19 syndrome - signs and symptoms that develop during or after an infection consistent with covid-19, present for more than 12 weeks and are not attributable to alternative diagnoses
    1.2. Post COVID-19 intensive care unit syndrome - constellation of symptoms involving physical strength deficits, cognitive decline, and mental health disturbances observed after discharge of patients from critical care units that persist for a protracted amount of time.
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