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Request for Input on CDEs (from NIH) (please contribute your view)

I was asked to post this info to the OHDSI community (and I think it a great initiative). Below is the paste of the request:

I’m writing to encourage you to respond to NIH’s recent Request for Information on Use of Common Data Elements (CDEs) in NIH-funded research and to encourage your circulating this to members of your community. This RFI seeks public comment on the use of CDEs, particularly in the context of COVID-19 research, including opportunities for advancing research with CDEs, challenges to adopting CDEs, and guidance or tools that could facilitate use of CDEs. These comments will be used to inform NIH’s continuing development of guidance of CDE use for COVID-related research and assist in the planning for adequate funding of CDE efforts through research awards and contracts.

Responses to such RFIs play an important role in the deliberations of NIH about the topics they regard. Based on your interests, I thought you might have some relevant insights to share and would appreciate if you might take a moment to respond. The deadline for responses is May 10. I would also appreciate if you could share with any of your colleagues who might also have comments to share in this area. Please feel free to contact if NLMStrategicPlanning@nih.gov you have any questions.

link again is https://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/notice-files/NOT-LM-21-005.html

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Just FYI: I just sent out a long message about us trying to get away from the variable/value pairs. They are evil for our use cases. Should I comment there?