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Report errors and request corrections in RxNorm Vocabulary

I am a pharmacist doing drug term mapping in Korea.
I found an error in using RxNorm and RxNorm Extension vocabulary and posted it on this forum.

  1. concept code=OMOP4670717 (concept class=Clinical Drug, concept name=Cimetidine 50 MG Oral Tablet)

  2. concept code=309300 (concept class=clinical drug, concept name=cimetidine 4.8 MG/ML Injectable Solution)

The correct name for these drugs is cimetropium (bromide), which is listed as cimetidine.

Since “cimetropium” and “cimetidine” are different drugs, please review and correct them.
Thank you.

Hi, for clarifying,

It doesn’t seem the problems of RxNorm and RxNorm Extension itself (I think they don’t have a code for cimetropium),
but it seems that incorrect mapping from non-standard of KDC (Korean Drug Codes; cimetropium) to standard terminology (RxNorm; cimetidine). is it correct?

As you said, the mapping from the non-standard to the standard term (RxNorm; cimetidine) in the Korea Drug Codes (KDC; cimetropium) is also incorrect.

However, as it is not appropriate to link the clinical drug name (cimetidine) and the branded drug name (e.g. algiron) in RxNorm Extension, I thought this code name of RxNorm Extension should be modified.

Yes, I agree with your point. we need to discuss this with vocabulary folks.
@Christian_Reich @Dymshyts Could you please answer this? or any others?

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Hi, thank you for finding this issue.
While developing RxNorm extensions for Korean drug codes, a single mapping mistake below seems to have caused all these related problems.

I think it can be fixed later this year when we plan to work with the newly added Korean drug code.
Does this issue need a hotfix?


Once @Sooyeon_Cho sends us the updated mapping, we’re happy to refresh the OMOP vocabulary with the correct one