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Remove source table or replace it with new ones

Hello, I am currently working on mapping data with Rabbit in hat. A white rabbit (WR) export was done and uploaded in Rabbit in hat. In one source table, new names had to be given to the variables in order to be able to distinguish them from each other. Then, a new WR report of the source table was generated in order to obtain the new variable names. Now, I want to replace the former source table with the current one. When I go to “update tables and fields” the former variables are still there and the new ones are added. Since now I still have the former variables that are not needed anymore as well as the new ones, my source table is very chaotic.

What I want
I want to be able to remove the former source table and upload the new one or to replace the old source table with the new one so that only the new variables are included in rabbit in hat.

alternatives I’ve considered

  1. I have considered naming the new source table differently but that will be a problem in the implementation.
  2. I can ignore the old variables and only concentrate on the new ones but since there are many it is very chaotic and the mapping is more prone to errors.

Is there any way to remove the source table or replace it? Thank you very much!


Hi @ivona . As a work-around, you can try to manually edit the RiaH save file. You can do this by exporting it as json (or unzipping the gzip). Open the document in an editor and search for the old field names. Delete all references to these old field names. Bit of a warning: you can corrupt the file and it can take some trial-and-error, so make sure you have a backup.
Hope this helps.

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Thank you, that worked!

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