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Recording Link - CaVa Data Platform - OHDSI Australia

Good Day everyone.
Can you please let me know the location of the recording of the following presentation when uploaded?

  • OHDSI Australia - a session on “Description on implementation of the OMOP CDM from a cancer clinical information system for those New to OMOP CDM & New to OMOP CDM Oncology”. I attended the highly informative seminar on Thursday 29th April at 2 PM AEST.

My takeaways - CaVa Data Platform – a project of Australian Cancer Data Network (https://australian-cancer-data.network/) that just completed 18 month long effort converting to the OMOP CDM and especially adoption of OMOP Oncology Extension. They specifically mentioned their primary aim is to streamline research into unwarranted variation in cancer treatment and outcomes (all across Australia) and gain longitudinal perspective in addition to publications that focus on 2-3 years of funded research.

Webinar recording and slides once they become available will immensely help one pitch on how OMOP will empower the multi-dimensional nature of cancer care. They went over some of the pain points and for now suggested to check their website http://cava-data.org periodically (and will get much more updates in upcoming weeks). CaVA Project team collaborated with Dr. Jeremy Warner @ Vanderbilt and a few others at NorthWestern and Tufts University.

I attended it and was much useful. I am requesting the recording link (once available on OHDSI page) to share with my colleagues. Many Thanks.