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Re-download Athena package with new version included without reselecting


I made custom selection on vocabularies and downloaded the zip package from Athena. When receiving a version update notification, I need to re-select vocabularies on the download page before downloading. Is there a way to re-download the previous package with new version of vocabularies included? or my selection can be “remembered”?


Hey @jchang

If I remember correctly, that should actually be easy.

Go to your download history, find the package, hit restore and the package will be rebuilt based on the current vocabulary version on Athena…

Go try it out and let us know if that worked for you!


Hi @mik

Thanks for your prompt reply. I followed your instructions, restored a previous download (2022-03-14) and downloaded a new package, but couldn’t tell if it contains the new versions .

On the Athena download page, the new download still has the same timestamp (2022-03-14) and version # (v5.0 04-FEB-22) of previous download.

The download notification email gives the same information of timestamp and version.


okay @jchang , I was under the impression those packages are not stored for a long time but would be rebuilt. This is how you can check the vocabulary version of your current download:
Find the VOCABULARY.csv file and identify the entry with the vocabulary_id = “None”. In the vocabulary_version field it should provide you with the version that was used to build the package.
Very curious to hear what you find!

here is the line in VOCABULARY.csv. Does it mean it is the new built with all of the new version of vocabularies?

None OMOP Standardized Vocabularies OMOP generated v5.0 29-AUG-22 44819096

looks good, @jchang Jack! So, this confirms the expectation that it would always use the current vocabulary set when creating a download bundle.
Maybe we could improve the Athena User Experience a little to make this process clearer. Suggestions could be:
a) rename the button from “Restore” to “Rebuild” (oh, look there is already a github issue mentioning it)
b) once the rebuild is finished, change the history entry to reflect the current vocabulary version
c) take this information, when sending out the download email
Want to create a new github issue in the Athena repository to let the good people that maintain Athena know?

@mik Fabulous! The current process on Athena is a bit confusing. I can create a new github issue for process improvement.



FYI, a github issue was created #316

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