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Radiation treatment codes

Hello everyone,

I am trying to capture the population of patients that had an exposure of radiation treatment in US claims. As there are several condition, observation and procedure codes, I would like to ask for your input to make the cohort definition as comprehensive as possible. What would your recommendations be regarding the codes to be used in this case?

Thank you.

You probably just need procedures, and since it’s a claims data, it will have HCPCS, CPT4 and ICD10PCS concepts.
So you need to take all the descendants of ICD10PCS of Radiation therapy,
all the descendants of SNONMED Radiation oncology AND/OR radiotherapy
and HCPCS and CPT4 containing Radiation in the name.

This is a difinition I come up by very briefly reviewing this topic. So you’re welcome to review it and criticize.
You might also search for the radiotherapy difinition elsewhere, there should be some articles I believe.