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Race Categories - missing mixed race

I have source data based on the UK NHS Data dictionary which includes mixed race concepts.
Mixed - White and Black Caribbean
Mixed - White and Black African
Mixed - White and Asian
Any other mixed background

There are no suitable target in the OMOP Vocab for Race. Could they be added? How should I proceed in the near term?


Do you have a use case for these? How would you use them in an analysis? Or do you have these data in your source and now you have to find a home for them?

I can find several reasons to not include these:

  1. How are you going to analyze them? Is “Mixed - White and Black Caribbean” going to be in a stratum with White or with Black?
  2. Races are so weak form a biological standpoint, that incorporating fractions or mixtures seems a stretch if you want to see a meaningful biological signal.
  3. “Mixed - White and Black Caribbean” and “Mixed - White and Black African”? Is there really a biological or socio-economical difference we need to record?
  4. “Any other mixed background” - in the Standard Vocabularies we generally do not code unknown or “other” information. It’s just concept_id=0, meaning that no information is available.

Sorry to be so stiff, but we have to filter all changes by whether or not there is a use case behind.

I try to use these mixed race concept like Mixed - White and Black African = 700389 but failed. Because this concept_id does not exist in my downloaded vocabulary table concept.
Anybody know the reason.

I can find them in Athena website under domain-race, class-race.

Hi, @liujie
This concept is Non-standard.

Please check this forum thread, there is an ongoing discussion, related to multiple races.

@zhuk Thanks.

Let’s have one conversation here. Don’t continue this thread, please.