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Rabbit In A Hat - Changing Version

@MaximMoinat - question for you . . . if I started a Rabbit In a Hat document in v6.0 and in the middle want to change it to v5.3.1, does the tool keep the lines it can?

According to the documentation:

The CDM version can be changed at any time, but beware that some of your existing mappings may be lost in the process. By default, Rabbit-In-a-Hat will attempt to preserve as many mappings between the source data and the newly selected CDM as possible. When a new CDM is selected, Rabbit-In-a-Hat will drop any mappings without warning if the mapping’s CDM table or CDM column name no longer exist

For instance, switching from CDMv4 to CDMv5, a mapping from source to CDM person.person_source_value will be kept because the person table has person_source_value in both CDMv4 and CDMv5. However, person.associated_provider_id exists only in CDMv4 and has been renamed to person.provider_id in CDMv5 and so that mapping will not be kept when switching between these two CDMs.

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