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Rabbit in a Hat - adding new table


Several table were scanned via White Rabbit which output was used as input into Rabbit In a Hat. Mapping was done on several tables and saved to a master mapping file. Several additional tables were scan via White Rabbit and need to incorporate this information into the master mapping file. It is not evident on how to combine the two White Rabbit outputs. Is this possible?
The goal is to have one mapping file which can be updated with database tables changes and then use Rabbit in a Hat to map the changes.

(Maxim Moinat) #2

Currently only field frequencies can be updated from a new scan report. Adding new tables and/or fields is not implemented. For now, you will have two Rabbit in a Hat mapping files (one for each scan report) or merge it manually.

It would be a nice feature to be able to add tables/fields when loading an updated scan report. If you think this would help you and others, please add a feature request here (or even implement the changes and create a pull request!): https://github.com/ohdsi/whiterabbit/issues